Prayer for our Church

Dear Lord, please bless our church today and as we gather here,

we ask that you'll prepare our hearts to hear your message clear.

Although we are unworthy of your Holy Name we bare,

We pray that through our lives the world will feel your tender care.


Anoint our lips to testify of all your love and grace,

and use our hands to aid each needy person that we face.

Help us to be responsive to the Spirit's still, small voice,

and may the way to Godliness be always our first choice.


Equip us with your armor for the battles that we fight,

and give us strength and courage as we walk the path of light.

Increase our understanding of the Scriptures that we read,

and help us to not grow weary as we scatter precious seed.


We pray our church will always be a beacon to all men and women,

Proclaiming truth and righteousness till Jesus comes again!